Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Plague has Landed

Its been a week of sickness, fever and puking. I'll spare you the details but Grace has been sick since Easter night. She finally made it back to school today after missing 2 days. I thought the worst was over but then after school I noticed her left eye seemed pink and there was ooze coming out of it. So now she will have to stay home tomorrow as well as Declan because he might be carrying it too. I'm lucky that I will get to miss the doctors appt though-Tim will have to take them. Both of them hate the doctor and aren't shy about showing this. The last time Grace was there she had a screaming fit even before we got out of the car and it didn't let up until we got back into the car. Her behavior at the doctor hasn't changed since she was a week old. So far Declan hasn't shown any signs of the sickness or the pink eye but it could all hit him next week. I can hardly wait. On a brighter note, parts of our postage stamp backyard appeared over the last few days. Of course the parts that appeared show all of the leaves we didn't rake last fall.

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Heather said...

Bummer, Kate! We've been dealing with never-ending colds here. It seems like Griffin has had a cold since Thanksgiving. We'll pass on the puking, thank you very much. Sorry your week stunk...hope it is getting better.