Sunday, March 30, 2008

We're Going to Miss Pre-School

Grace and Declan's pre-school has been awesome and soon we will be saying goodbye. Its a co-op pre-school which sounds hippy-dippy but thankfully its not. I have to admit it was the tuition that first attracted us-its only $100 a month. We soon learned what kept costs so low and its that parents run the school along with Mrs. Durgin, the teacher. Parents make up the school board and make the decisions regarding the school. Now I will admit its been mostly Tim that has been the one at school. Its 3 mornings a week and parent have to help in class at least 2 times a month. My job is not flexible at all and between the 2 kids I have only volunteered a few times. It still breaks my heart a little that I have missed out on so much of their pre-school experience. I tend to handle the other duties that come along like the monthly meetings and I also am in charge of keeping their library in order and doing the Scholastic Book Club orders. The school has to raise a certain amount each year in fundraising to keep going. Last night was one of our major events. The school rents its space in the community center of St. Pius Church although it is not a religious pre-school. That's sort of the way I like it- on the edges of the Catholic Church but not in the middle of it. So every year we do a silent auction during one of their Sunday church suppers. Well this year the new priest was starting and everyone turned out to make a good impression on him. I have never seen so many old people together in one room. It was sort of sad that there was only 1 young family there. Tim signed us up late to help so I got stuck with busing tables. I have never been a waitress or done anything with serving food and it was disgusting. I literally has to shower when I got home to get the Swedish meatballs and chocolate pie off of me. But it was all worth it because we raised over $1300 and I think met our fundraising goal for the year. Graduation will be in May. Grace only went there when she was 4 and Declan has been there for the full 2 year program. Stupid me thought kids started pre-school when they were 4 but apparently they are supposed to start at 3 so Grace missed out on a year. I signed Declan up for kindergarten last week. It was all I could do not to cry as a I was filling out the forms. He still seems too little to put on a school bus and have them drive away.


Lisa said...

Allison goes to a Co-op nursery school too! - in a church! We LOVE it and will be very sad when graduation time comes. I've already warned Ed that when my baby leaves me for kindergarten I'll be needing some VISA therapy to make me feel a tiny bit better:(

Heather said...

Your preschool sounds great! Camden also goes to a preschool at a church, not exactly a co-op but they do rely on lots of parental involvement. It is only a block from our house so it is super convenient. When I picked up the mail from Camden's "mailbox" at school yesterday and realized there are only about 7 weeks left of preschool, I got a little misty! Next week starts kindergarten registration, and a visit to a montessori school...we still have no idea about what the right thing to do for him (as far as kindergarten goes) will be.