Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Inspired By Martha

So the other day, I was flipping channels and I landed on Martha Stewart. I want to like Martha but I see the meanness lurking too close to the surface in her. Also, her stuff is usually more complicated than I want to get in to. This time though, I stopped and watched and then decided I needed to make the wooden beads she was dyeing and making into necklaces.
I ordered some of my beads off Etsy before I remembered there was an unfinished wood store out by the mall. Needless to say, I have a lot of raw wood beads to play with.
I have never used Rit dye even to make tie-dye shirts. I found out it is expensive so I only got a few colors but I wanted more. I loaded up on newspapers and would recommend wearing an apron if you have one. I got out the roll of floral wire that I have owned for 15 years and never seems to get used up plus a couple of plastic shoe boxes.
I strung the beads on the wire making sure they weren't longer than the plastic boxes.
Next, I put them into the dye and waited to see what happened. I soaked mine for about 5 minutes or so because I wanted a stronger color.
Then, I lined my cooling racks with paper towels and let them dry overnight.
Once they were dry, I strung them on leather cord and ended up with these 3 necklaces. I haven't decided if I'm keeping them or selling them at my shop.
Grace has made it very clear that she wants the dark blue one so I doubt that one will go up for sale. I think I want the rest of them so I think I'll have to make more.

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Heather said...

Ummmm...yeah - - please make more!!!