Friday, May 7, 2010

Mother's Day Breakfast

Declan's first grade class held a Mother's Day breakfast for us today. We had to get up earlier than usual because it was before school started. Declan has been working on things for it for a few days but he was very careful not to tell me about any of the surprises.

Everybody's desk was decorated and the Moms got to sit at them. I don't fit into a 1st graders desk and chair like I used to. He even made me a tissue paper corsage to wear on my wrist. They sang us a few songs and then served us muffins and orange juice. It was very cute and good to see Declan participate because he usually refuses to perform. They also filled out a little book about us. Declan mostly wrote that I liked to watch TV and sleep and how I really liked him best when he was being good.
Here is my present. The picture on the wrapping is me. Look at how white my teeth are. Look at my yellow snake eyes behind those granny glasses.
My present turned out to be a plate he decorated himself. That's us playing in a field with birds and rainbows and hearts floating around. Oh, he also made sure to write my age in big numerals right in the middle and then he added a Powerball ticket to the scene because he knows I like them. Basically what I came away with was that Declan thinks I like to lie around and watch TV while also gambling. He's not that far off but he doesn't have to tell the whole first grade.

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Angela said...

Don't you just love it when you get to see how they view you? I love it that he wrote you age in the middle. They don't know that at some point the number isn't so fun to announce anymore. That was really cute... thank you for the laugh.