Friday, May 28, 2010

Playing With Wax

I can never find the perfect vanilla candle. I don't know exactly what I'm looking for but I'll know it when I smell it. I decided to take things into my own hands. First off, I just have to say how much I enjoy the 40% off coupons that the craft stores give out. It makes it much easier for me to justify trying some of the pricier items they have like candle supplies. I have been hanging out in the candle aisle for years but never bought anything until now. I let Martha Stewart into my life again and had to learn to make candles. Her directions involved using up old candles but I wanted to start from scratch.

Most of the wax for sale involved double boilers and melting it on the stove. I gravitated towards the easier microwave kind. I also bought prepared wicks and vanilla scent. I would have bought a color dye as well but they didn't have any colors I liked.
Using old teacups is the main reason I wanted to do this because they were so cute. Now I'm sure Martha has all sorts of old teacups hanging around that used to belong to the Royal Family but I had to take a trip to Goodwill. Hers were much prettier than mine but I liked the ones I found. Having the kids along with me forced me to pick quickly so there might have been some better ones there but I made it out alive with these five. Goodwill always makes me itchy.
I put the wax in the microwave and while that was melting, I prepared the cups. I took the kids glue stick and put the wicks in place. That was the extent of it. Pretty simple.
This is the part where my kitchen started to look like a drug den. The vanilla scent I bought melts into the wax best the smaller the pieces are. I decided to grate it and ended up with this big pile of vanilla scented cocaine.
I added the scent to the melted wax and poured it into the cups. I should have bought an extra thing of wax because some of them need to have a little more added to them. Then I just let them harden overnight.
Now I have a whole bunch of vanilla candles and when I run out, I'll just make more. I think next time I'll buy the vanilla as an essential oil and then I can make it as strong as I want.


Lisa said...

First Heather posts about bagels that I actually think I can make and now you post about candles I actually think I can make - woo hoo - I may get crafty yet!

Heather said...

Kate I have decided that you and I need to be neighbors. Every time I read your blog, I want to run out, grab a couple of frozen coffee/mocha drinks, and come over to your house and play crafty-crafty with you. You're killin' me.

Kate said...

Next I'm making paper beads! I need a craft partner so you had better move back to Maine.

Heather said...

I do possibly see some extended visits in my future, so we'll at least have to take advantage of that! My goal this week is to shovel out the area of our house that has always been meant for my "crafting" space. Then maybe I can actually do some creating.