Wednesday, May 26, 2010

There Once Was A Boy Named Peter

We got Peter in 1994. It seems like a very long time ago. Peter was my college graduation present from Tim. He had been found in an abandoned house with his sisters and he weighed maybe 2 pounds? He was the tiniest cat I had ever seen but he didn't seem to know that.
It only took a few months for him to grow and then he became the biggest cat I had ever seen. He was our version of a dog without having to get an actual dog. Nothing ever fazed him and this was good once we started bringing babies home. With each of the kids, the day we brought them home, the other 2 cats would scramble and hide. Peter would just sit there and check things out. After a while he would come over to smell them and then he would go off and take a nap.
He believed the tub was his domain and grudgingly let us use it. He would keep an eye on us while we did it though. He made sure the kids got clean and then got out so he could get back in. Declan seems a little concerned about him here.
The kids could also push and pull on him and it never fazed him. Declan is demonstrating this here.
He also made sure he had the warmest spot to sleep so he was happy to see the crib arrive. It concerned us at first but he never caused a problem and we came to see him as an extra blanket for them. As you can see, Grace didn't mind him at all.
Then, when he was 14 years old he got sick with diabetes. He reacted well to the insulin and we kept him going for another 2 years. Last Thursday, we came to the end of his road and had to say goodbye. We miss him more than we can say and we will never have another cat like Peter the Cat.

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Heather said...

I love the picture of Declan in the tub with Peter watching closely. That is too funny. Peter was a lucky boy who had a wonderful life. I am going to miss reading about him here. xo