Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Visiting Little Women

I woke up on Mother's Day and frankly, I wasn't really in the mood for my traditional brunch out. All I really wanted to do was stay in bed and read. But, plans had been made and I did not want to seem ungrateful because I really appreciated the effort and I knew I was just grumpy. Tim told me he had made reservations outside of Portland and it was a bit of a drive. Then, I saw the kids packing their backpacks for a long car trip. I got very suspicious and Tim finally broke and told me that instead of brunch, we were going to visit Louisa May Alcott's house in Concord, Massachusetts. I usually need more warning to prepare to travel two states away but I got over it and we got in the car.
Two hours later, we pulled up here. This is the house she was living in when she wrote Little Women. I first remember reading it when I was in the 3rd grade and I still read it almost every year. I also have read 3 biographies of her in the last year. I have always wanted to visit her house but for some reason had never made it. Declan was very excited that we passed all sorts of Revolutionary War sites along the road.
Surprisingly, the house is right on the road and there are modern homes hidden up a road behind it. I think I somehow pictured it alone in the woods. Never mind, I still want to live there. We took a tour of the house but they didn't allow pictures to be taken inside. I think Declan and I enjoyed it the most. He asked the guide quite a few questions and she was very impressed with him. Grace complained her back hurt the whole time and Tim doesn't know much about her but he likes old things so he seemed happy enough. The poor boy had worked the overnight shift Saturday and then drove us to Massachusetts and back before getting 3 hours of sleep and going back to work Sunday night. He's a nice boy who deserves a better job.

This is Louisa May Alcotts bedroom windows and she wrote Little Women sitting at a desk in front of them. Of course, I was impressed by that but mostly I was noticing what was hanging from the windowpanes. There were Queen Anne's Lace flowers that had had the stems removed and then pressed flat. They then hung them from thread on the window and they sort of looked like snowflakes. I can find a craft to do no matter where I am and I am totally making these. You can sort of see them in the left hand window.
The kids were really good for the most part. Their favorite part was the gift shop. Declan got a plastic frog and Grace got a stuffed panda. I'm not sure either were historically accurate but all the proceeds go to the house. I have to admit I totally geeked out in the gift shop and got a whole bunch of stuff. There was still some other stuff I wanted so I will be returning.
All that history made Declan a little tired. He better get rested up because now I want to visit all the sites from my books. We have to go to Prince Edward Island so I can visit Anne of Green Gables. Next, it will be Mankato, Minnesota so I can go to Betsy, Tacy, and Tibs house's. Then, it will be South Dakota and Missouri so I can visit Laura Ingalls Wilder.


Heather said...

I will totally do the Laura Ingalls Wilder trek. A lifelong dream of mine, but I have yet to meet anyone who will agree to go with me. I'm pretty sure Steve laughed at me when I asked him to go. You have a good husband. That boy deserves a gold star!

Kate said...

Heather, we should meet up in South Dakota and start our tour. We can't forget Almanzo's farmhouse in upstate NY. My parents stopped there a few years ago and brought me back all sorts of stuff.