Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Slowly But Surely

We have been working on Grace's new room since July and I think we are all thoroughly sick of it except Grace. I don't know why one room takes so long but probably my inability to get off the couch at night has a lot to do with it. Tim did 95% of the work and it was mostly all hard work so I have nothing to complain about. I just have to get on with the painting and we can move her in.
The walls and trim are painted finally. Grace picked out this purple color herself. It's called Silverberry. I love paint names. Sometimes I find myself wanting to pick colors just based on their names. The porch is there beyond her two new windows. In the left hand bottom corner of the window you can sort of see some furniture. This is the unfinished furniture I bought for them that is waiting to be sanded and painted. I have to do a bookcase, two toy boxes, and two night stands. They have been sitting there so long the kids have started to pile things on top of them. Have I mentioned before that painting is not my favorite thing?
I got the blinds up and now we have to figure out curtains. The blinds are important because the annoying neighbor boys window is directly across from hers. I'm leaving curtains until after she is moved in. I wish I was clever enough to sew some because I am never happy with what I end up choosing.
The special girly switch plate is in place. Declan says this can never become his room unless this is taken off.
This is the last big project to do. These 3 closets have to be painted by me. Tim and Grace took them apart and primed them for me. Hopefully, I can get going on this tomorrow night. These closets have 3 sets of louvered doors. I can't even think about painting those. I think we will be renting a paint spray gun to do it. I foreseeing a lot of drips though.
Our goal is to have this done by Labor day weekend so she is in before school starts. The one other person who will be happy when it's done is Carly. Her crate is in there right now and it's become a very convenient shelf.

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Lisa said...

I love the color on the walls! And that closet space is going to come in handy! :)